The Committee is made up of people belonging to the indigenous creative communities and to the world of fashion and design.

Their participation will be honorary and public, and will not generate financial remuneration. Its members have different functions:

  • To accompany the planning of Original, highlighting its relevance as a mechanism for guaranteeing collective rights.
  • To elaborate conceptual and logistical proposals for the event.
  • To share good practices and successful experiences in order to replicate them, so that traditional and indigenous creators of textile arts, fashion, clothing, popular arts and design are placed at the centre of these processes.
  • Generate advisory and collaboration schemes with the participating communities to encourage the commercialisation of their creations and provide access to national and international professional circuits.
  • Propose participants and alliances that with the following will give space to:
    • Indigenous designers who honour the inspiration of their community, with their own creative and innovative proposals.
    • Traditional design that due to its characteristics of originality, quality and technique should be exhibited.
    • Collective design proposals that represent the work of an entire community.
    • Finally, the Committee will seek to foster links between the Ministry of Culture and private entities.